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What’s the big deal with Bruce Springsteen anyway?

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I first heard Bruce Springsteen’s music (and I mean really heard it, not caught a snatch of Dancing In The Dark on Magic FM) when I bought Born To Run when I was at college. If a more perfectly formed, complete album has ever been released I’ve never heard it. But the thing that really captured was the visceral, driving piano at the start of Backstreets, a sound described by Rolling Stone at the time as “so stately, so heartbreaking, that it might be the prelude to a rock & roll version of The Iliad”. The power, the sheer epic-ness of it just carries you away.

And as you explore his catalogue further, listen to and understand the songs you realise that it’s not just about the grandeur of the music, but it’s also about the stories he tells, of youth, dreams, hope and faith. The River is practically a novel in itself, the story of teenagers torn out of their care-free lives by pregnancy, marriage, and the need to provide for a family. Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse? In that context Springsteen’s most grandiose moments avoid glibness or cheesiness. The endless dreams of Born To Run are brought low by the darkness and despair of Darkness On the Edge Of Town.

And that’s the final piece of the Springsteen puzzle for me. In a sense, Springsteen sings about solidarity. His songs aren’t overtly political, but they paint a picture of lower middle class working life, the dreams and aspirations that we all have, the difficulties we face, the mistakes we make, and the hope and faith that things get better. The song in the video above, Racing In The Street, is superficially about drag racing in Asbury Park, NJ. But set against the unbearably sad piano of Roy Bittan, it becomes a hymn to escapism, the reality of home life, and of youthful dreams disappearing.

There’s a story that after 9/11 someone pulled up to Springsteen in the street in New Jersey, wound down the window and simply said “We need you now.” In the midst of an economic crisis build on the backs of the working poor, I say we still need him.


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November 25, 2011 at 2:27 pm

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Things I learnt when moving house

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Local authorities can be much easier organisations to deal with:

Want to change your address, get a new council tax bill, suspend a couple of parking bays? Sure, no problem, in fact, we’ll sort all this out at our end and then we’ll call you back and let you know it’s taken care of.

Than private businesses:

Need to close your electricity account? Sorry, can’t do that on the website, you’ll have call the helpline, we’ll put you on hold for twenty minutes, oh, and by the way, your furniture can’t be delivered for two weeks and your removal van is going to be three hours late, but we’re not going to tell you that until you’ve been stood waiting on your doorstep for half an hour.

Putting all your stuff in boxes, moving it half a mile and then unpacking it all, is not conducive to doing a blog:

I do have a couple of rules which is that if it isn’t updated at least twice a day it’s not a blog, it’s a website.  So don’t fool yourself that you’re blogging when you’re really just putting stuff up online.  And twice a day is sort of, I think, the minimum.  I think a blog to live really has to be probably four or five times a day.

And Justin Lee Collins and Shayne Ward will soon be starring in a power ballad music called Rock of Ages:

ROCK OF AGES takes you back to the times of big bands with big egos playing big guitar solos and sporting even bigger hair! This five-time Tony Award nominated musical, now being made into a movie starring Tom Cruise, opens here at the the Shaftesbury Theatre in September.

Somehow I will now use this information to resume blogging. As you were.

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July 28, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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