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Time to get interested in local government finance

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Professional discretion forbids me from posting too extensively about the Local Government Resource Review, but for local government it is potentially the most far-reaching legislative move the government will make in the current Parliament. Some reading:

  • London Councils’ own analysis of the issue, including their own model that would redistribute money according to need whilst ensuring councils across London and the rest of the country benefit from growth in the capital.
  • Michael Dugher raising the fears of many about the possible consequences of a sink or swim approach (although the ‘burying bad news’ accusation is a little wide of the mark given the months of consultation there has been on this).

The latter two pieces highlight important concerns about the risks inherent in meddling with the local government finance system, but it is surely undeniable local government needs to be placed on a more sustainable financial footing than it is presently. If the present proposals are not adequate to the task, local government needs to come up with an alternative, and quickly.


Written by samelliot

August 1, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Posted in Finance, Labour, Localism

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