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A commenter on my ProgLoc post takes umbrage with my lukewarm support for the ‘postcode lottery’. I think his argument slightly misconstrues what I was attempting to evoke – a difference in the type of service provision, and a difference in the priority given to the expenditure of finite resources, rather than a difference in the outcomes we as a party want to see. But there is a suggestion there, I think, that we can’t allow something as messy as local decision-making to interfere with priorities identified by and at the centre.

I suppose I would argue that if we are an egalitarian party then not only are we fighting for equality of opportunity but we’re also fighting for equality of power (it says so on the back of the membership card). Isn’t part of that making sure that all communities have the ability to make decisions about their local area?

I’ve always thought of the Labour Party as having a mission to organise democratically to fight for equality at all levels, not to rig the system to prevent local difference where it is ideologically inconvenient.

Mind you, after last night’s Newsnight debate about Blue Labour, I can’t pretend to be certain about anything the Labour Party does.

Written by samelliot

June 21, 2011 at 9:00 am

Posted in Labour, Localism

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